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Published February 20, 2019 at 9:52 pm

The Bulwark: “A Conservative Festivus”

Jim Swift published a story in The Bulwark ahead of the first annual Summit:

“We need to figure out where our principles went.” Mayo said. “Why it is that we have a president that is end-running Congress, doing things by executive order and running up the national debt, and everyone on the right is sort of kind of going silently into the night.” At the end of the day, Mayo wonders, “is it the people that are driving our party, or the principles?”

Next year, of course, CPAC will likely be even worse with Trump gunning for re-election. Will Mayo be planning the second annual gathering of Principles First conservatives? Unlikely, he tells me. If others want to start planning something in 2020, he’s happy to let them.

But for now, Heath Mayo is hoping a few people might join him and others for a chat about what their party has become.

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